Making a case with digital evidence

Investigative teams are promised the ability to identify relevant evidence more easily and tell a holistic story more efficiently with an enhanced user interface and new customisable investigator reporting in Cellebrite Analytics.

Cellebrite has added interface upgrades so that investigative teams can capture, organise and produce case reports in an easily understandable format that can be shared with peers or effectively presented in court.

Cellebrite Analytics allows investigators and prosecutors with all levels of technical skill to quickly surface more insights from text and media artifacts via:

• Image Similarity: innovative machine learning algorithms automatically detect and pinpoint images that contain similar items such as faces, objects, symbols and themes. By simply uploading or selecting an image, the system immediately identifies only the relevant media items saving precious investigative cycles.
• Expanded language search capabilities including enhanced Arabic OCR and key-word search capabilities that immediately identify any text and image artifacts that contain Arabic textual elements.

Investigators can now develop profiles, and examine suspects and victims in a thorough, streamlined approach by leveraging new capabilities such as:

• Device Owner Colour Indication: improve the visual understanding of all digital evidence and quickly differentiate between device owners by assigning a unique colour identifier to each owner.  This simple yet powerful capability is extremely useful when viewing data in any of the contextual views (List, Graph, Map) from multiple owners in one single view.
• Enhanced Person View: identify people faster and generate a comprehensive digital profile by automatically unifying all digital identifiers (i.e., phone numbers, email addresses, aliases and user accounts) into one contact card. Agents can quickly sort, filter and visualize information on people of interest from one or multiple cases.

“The latest advancements to Cellebrite Analytics open up powerful technology in more accessible ways, so that investigative team members of all levels can tackle and leverage mass amounts of digital evidence,” said Ron Serber, Global Co-CEO, Cellebrite.

“With a more intuitive interface, this update brings more power to prosecutors who will be able to leverage this evidence earlier on in the investigative process and efficiently tackle growing threats of crime types like homicide, terrorism, gangs and child exploitation.”

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