Modify saved scans with Adobe Scan update

A new feature introduced in Adobe Scan allows users to add, delete or reorder individual pages and re-crop or re-clean scans saved in Adobe Document Cloud, without using tools like Acrobat or Photoshop.

In addition to modifying existing scans, Adobe Scan now automatically detects low light conditions and turns on a phone flashlight to capture a clear, bright image. The app also recognises and lightens dark shadows, including that pesky shadow of your hand taking the photo.

Editing features available include:

  • Adjust the cropping and cleaning of an individual page within a multipage PDF
  • Add and remove pages within a multipage scan


Replace a page within a multipage scan by taking the following steps:

  • Delete the page you want to replace
  • Take a scan of the page you want to add
  • Insert the newly scanned page into the multipage PDF wherever you’d like




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