Colligo Email Manager for Office 365

Colligo has announced the availability of the Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft Office 365, an add-in that provides secure knowledge and records capture to Microsoft SharePoint for Office 365 deployments.

The add-in enables workers to easily file emails and attachments to SharePoint on-the-go, from any device. This is the latest addition to the Colligo Engage platform.

The add-in works in conjunction with Colligo Console, the Azure-based administration and configuration platform that enables administrators to onboard add-in users, deploy policies, ensure compliance, and report analytics.

Once it’s deployed, users will see the same familiar add-in interface wherever they access Outlook, including the desktop client, native mobile apps, or Office 365 online.

“Empowering productivity by making collaboration and information management easier is a focus for Microsoft Office 365,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp.

“Customers’ information governance is strengthened when information, including emails, is properly tagged in the right location. Adding metadata in the form of Microsoft SharePoint properties to content is a critical part of robust records and knowledge management. Colligo’s add-in facilitates capture of both the content and the associated properties to a centralized SharePoint repository.”


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