OPEX Introduces Falcon STS for the Digital Mailroom

OPEX Corporation unveiled its latest product offering in Mailroom Automation.  STS (Sort, Track, Scan) is a module that promises to deliver on the promise of a bona fide digital mail centre, one that has been long expected but never fully realised, until now. 

The Falcon® STS joins the Mail Matrix and FalconV RED as the latest mailroom automation technology by OPEX, augmenting a suite of mail centre solutions that have provided productivity-enhancing workflows to mail centres of all sizes across the globe.

An extension of the Falcon Series of Scanners (Falcon and FalconV), Falcon STS captures envelope images, sorts and tracks mail pieces, and enables mail centres to scan and deliver envelope contents digitally. STS provides for solutions across any number of applications including digital mail delivery, mail tracking, and return mail processing.

Designed for large volume mail operations, Mail Matrix delivers single-pass fine sorting of mail and is capable of digital envelope imaging and piece tracking.  Falcon STS, with its multifunctional capability, is aptly situated to serve mail centre operations with low and mid-volumes that seek to increase their service value.

When combined with an OPEX Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk, Falcon STS is fully capable of envelope imaging, sorting, and piece tracking as well as envelope opening, content extraction, and document scanning – all with a single operator.  There is no other device on the market that can offer this unique set of capabilities.  Managed service organizations can increase their value proposition to their customers by utilizing Falcon STS with Rapid Extraction Desk for any number of standalone applications.

Contact: Byron Knowles, Business Development Manager - APAC Email: bknowles@opex.com Phone: +61 484 596 470 (m)​ Web: www.opex.com/contact/sales-contact/ 


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