Bottomline Technologies Introduces Voice Capabilities for Business Payments

Bottomline Technologies has announced a new voice-assisted Paymode-X app, which will make it easier for businesses to understand and access information on key payment transactions.

An extension of the Paymode-X B2B electronic payment network, the Paymode-X app provides businesses with details such as who has paid and how much has been paid, all within a secure mobile application. The Paymode-X network enables payments between more than 385,000 businesses, and it is integrated with Visa Payables Automation technology to help deliver Visa commercial card and virtual business-to-business payment capabilities.

“As the largest B2B payment network our focus has always been on delivering innovative, secure payment technology,” said Jessica Moran, General Manager, Paymode-X Business Solutions, Bottomline Technologies. “Our goal is to make business payments simple and more accessible—voice is an ideal way to do that.”

Paymode-X members will be able to use the voice-enabled app to inquire about electronic payments that have been received or are in process, including those made by ACH and virtual card.

“Leveraging voice in B2B payments is inherently more complex due to larger dollar amounts, higher transaction volumes, and the implications of payment fraud,” continued Moran. “We are working to remove that complexity and offer users a more intuitive and natural experience.”

Bottomline’s focus on making business payments simple, smart, and secure uniquely positions the company to deliver on the potential of voice for B2B payments. The Paymode-X app will be available in mid-2018.

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