Ringtail announces version 9.5 of ediscovery platform

New social network analytics, improved export options and additions to software development are highlights of the version 9.5 release of the Ringtail on-premise ediscovery platform.

Designed to streamline the review of email communication patterns between people and organizations, Ringtail’s social network analytics offering is comprised of three unique “panes” that can be used individually or in tandem in a Ringtail workspace:

Domain Network Pane allows legal teams to view email communication, by focusing on the exchanges at the email domain level.

Communication Network Pane displays email communication between people and analyses communication patterns across key custodians.

Concept Cloud Pane can be used in tandem with the social network visualizations and display the concepts contained within communications selected in the social networks.

“The social network analytics are just one part of a jam-packed release of functionality upgrades and additions,” said Bill Adams , a Senior Managing Director and Head of the Ringtail business.

“We are also releasing new functionality that extends Ringtail as a platform through the API and SDK, enhances the review experience with improved coding capability and provides litigation teams with more options to get data in and produce data out of Ringtail.”

Ringtail 9.5 introduces more than 70 new and improved features. Notable additions include:

New UI extensions (UIX) feature in Ringtail SDK: Ringtail administrators and technology partners can now create custom web applications on top of the Ringtail data store by using the UIX in conjunction with the Ringtail Connect API. The UIX is fully documented and includes sample code.

Searchable PDF enhancements: Ringtail has extended its Find and Redact capability on searchable PDFs to include the use of Search term families, which can result in automatic redaction. Term families also now support regular expressions to enable pattern searching for phone numbers, driver’s licence numbers, etc.

Improved export from search results: Case administrators can now customise exports from search results with more granularity than before with a trio of new configuration settings. These include options for redaction labels, highlight settings and load file formats.

Option to export PDFs as tiffs for production: This new export choice lets administrators use searchable PDFs as their image files, allowing them to leverage the Find and Redact functionality but still comply with production specifications requiring tiffs.

New case home page shortcut: The case home page now includes a section named “Documents Added,” which includes links to the five most recently added document sets. This facilitates reviewers access to newly loaded documents.

New help button and context-aware search results from Ringtail.com: The “help” button is now located on the navigation bar and provides single-click access to context-aware search results. The search results include content from a variety of resources, such as the online help, training videos and white papers.



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