UiPath opens RPA app store

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor UiPath has launched an “app store” for RPA and AI tools to help automate business workflows.

“With UiPath Go! developers can benefit from reusable activities and templates to increase the speed of automation development by up to 90%.” Said, Andrew Rayner, Product Director at UiPath.

Every component that is uploaded on Go! is approved by UiPath, undergoing validation before being published, and an open rating system allows the community to upvote their favourite components.

Some examples of the type of modules and components initially available include:

  • custom activities that read extra-large spreadsheets
  • snippets and application connectors for Oracle or Dropbox
  • workflow templates that scan your emails for you to ready-made Tableau dashboards from digitization Templates
  • chatbots for the contact centre or
  • KYC automation solutions powered by machine learning


Alongside the new marketplace, UiPath said it’s investing $US20 million into two funds it has created in order to accelerate the adoption of RPA. The funds include the UiPath Venture Innovation Fund, which invests in “AI-focused partners” involved in fields such as machine learning, business process management and process mining and intelligence.

The other one is the UiPath Partner Acceleration Fund, which is an accelerator for startups in related fields.

“Backed by a $20 million investment in just the first year, UiPath is making a serious commitment to both accelerate our partners RPA and AI capabilities and their ability to deliver vertically oriented solutions, while also fueling an ecosystem that is committed to simplicity and radically faster automation outcomes for all customers,” Chris Morgan, global vice president of partners and alliances at UiPath, said in a statement.


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