Adlib tackles Unstructured Data Challenges for RPA

Adlib Software, a developer of file analytics and data enrichment solutions, has launched Adlib Elevate 2.4 to enable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems to leverage data from unstructured documents (email, MS Office, CAD and other formats) from various document repositories.

“Access to clean, high-quality data from all enterprise sources remains a key challenge,” said Scott Mackey, SVP Customer Experience, Adlib Software.

“With Adlib Elevate 2.4, organizations can now leverage AI to discover, access & transform vast stores of unstructured data sitting in various repositories, into structured data primed for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions."

With this release, Adlib Elevate significantly expands the list of ecosystems where data can be efficiently drawn from including, but not limited to: SharePoint Online, OpenText/Documentum, Box and

In addition to new out of the box connectivity, this release of Adlib Elevate also increases the processing speed and scalability of the platform ensuring maximum throughput and uptime.

“Companies are competing on several fronts including the delivery of improved customer experiences through automation of manual processes – By combining RPA with data from all sources including unstructured data, companies can achieve end-to-end process automation” said Peter Duff, CEO of Adlib Software.

“Complete access to a full suite of quality data from both structured and unstructured sources is essential for enterprises in order to access meaningful business insights, meet increased customer expectations and address strong competitive pressures that demand a digital first strategy.”

The latest release also offers new data analysis and advanced data extraction capabilities - including the ability to perform free-form or templated operations - where highly targeted data can be found and revealed to process automation or business insight systems. This allows for increased automation and greater data-driven insights into the content hidden in unstructured documents including at-risk PII, critical customer data and high-value corporate IP.