Snowbound Speeds HTML5 Document Viewing

Snowbound Software has announced the v5.0 release of its VirtualViewer HTML viewer 5 promising significant speed and performance enhancements for processing large documents, as well as a new user interface with an intuitive design.

“Our customers are constantly interacting with large documents throughout their day-to-day workflow,” said Snowbound CEO Simon Wieczner. “This release makes it easier than ever for them to view, manage, and collaborate on their documents without wasting valuable time waiting for a document to load, all while still retaining the value of high speed server processing and group access.”

VirtualViewer HTML5 v5.0 significantly improves the processing and load times of MS Office documents, including docx, xlsx, and pptx files. Most noticeably, large files now load at very fast speeds thanks to the viewer caching layout information so the processing only needs to be done once regardless of whether the first or final page of a document has been requested.

In addition to the performance enhancements, the viewer’s other new features include:

  • New User Interface Design – The viewer has been updated with a sleek, new modern design that is more intuitive and responsive for users. Icons are now displayed as an icon font, rather than individual images loaded by URL. This enhancement speeds up the loading time of the viewer and provides a smoother user experience.
  • Annotation Logging – A new tab in the thumbnail pane lists metadata for the annotations in a document, including the type of the annotation, the page that contains it, and its creation and most-recent modification details. The information is updated live as the user creates, deletes, and modifies annotations which streamlines document collaboration.
  • Expanded Font Support – Users now have the ability to add specific font files to the viewer without having to install the fonts on the entire server. 


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