FUJIFILM launches 30TB data cartridge

FUJIFILM has released the LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridge (LTO-8) for backup and archive of large-capacity data with a storage capacity of 30TB (12TB for non-compressed data), twice the capacity of the previous generation. 

It is also capable of transferring data at 750MB/sec. (360MB/sec. for non-compressed). With its ability to provide secure and long term storage of massive data at a low cost, LTO-8 responds to the increasing demand for data storage.

The amount of data generated worldwide has exponentially increased in recent years with the expansion of high-definition 4K and 8K video, development of IoT and ICT and the utilisation of AI for Big Data analysis. This includes "cold-data," or data that was generated a long time ago and rarely accessed, and is estimated to account for more than 80% of all data. As the utilisation of accumulated data, including cold data, rapidly increases, so does the need for reliable and cost effective long term storage of such data for future use.

Magnetic tapes have been used among major data centres and research organisations for many years as magnetic tapes not only offer large storage capacity, low cost and long-term storage performance, but also create “air gap” data protection, physically isolated from the network, which minimise the risk of data damage or loss caused by cyber attacks.

With LTO-8, Fujifilm has further developed its “NANOCUBIC technology” to produce even smaller BaFe magnetic particles than those used in LTO-7. The magnetic particles are separated by highly controlled dispersion process and the tape surface roughness is controlled, achieving smooth surface of magnetic layer with enhanced NANO coating technology. 

In this way, Fujifilm has increased the storage capacity up to 30TB. Furthermore, appropriate material design has allowed for high tracking performance and durability for the magnetic heads in the tape drives.



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