Automatic document security arrives for Content Manager

Micro Focus has announced the release of Voltage SmartCipher, a new offering that integrates with Control Point and Content Manager to provide secure collaboration and simplify unstructured data protection and management.

Voltage SmartCipher can inspect Office documents and .pdf files at the endpoint and search for a content match based on dictionary or regex matches. Once a match is found, policy can be automatically assigned. The policy can transparently encrypt the file, apply classification as needed and control/monitor access to the file.

Kevin McLeod, Senior Product Manager - Data Security at Micro Focus, told IDM, “The initial integration we are working on now with Control Point gives CP the ability to invoke SmartCipher encryption on any file as an “action” tied to a policy.  Content Manager can detect this and apply those policies as needed. Further down the road we will look to provide Content Manager the ability to inspect content of SmartCipher protected files so CM can apply policies as needed without Control Point.”

Voltage SmartCipher transparently works with any data type, including on-premises or cloud offerings, letting organisations safely leverage information for business value while also protecting the privacy of this unstructured data.

The exponential growth of sensitive files represents the biggest challenge that information security professionals face. In order to attain insights from this growing data set without exposing the organisation to unnecessary risk, organisations must discover and classify files containing sensitive data. By proactively flagging this information, both internal and external users will be able to more effectively share files across multiple platforms in accordance with security and privacy requirements.

“Whether complying with privacy regulations, such as GDPR or the newly-enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, or extending data privacy during collaboration in the cloud for consistency, Voltage SmartCipher and the Micro Focus portfolio protect sensitive data with granular privacy controls for users, applications, and data to reduce privacy breach risk,” said Tony de la Lama, Vice President, Security, Risk & Governance Solutions at Micro Focus.

“The introduction of Voltage SmartCipher to the market means customers and organisations can now rely on a single, truly transparent solution that comprehensively manages and secures information, detects and responds to data breaches, and enforces identity and access controls.”

Voltage SmartCipher’s patented Transparent File Encryption technology embeds access and protection policy around individual files and the data contained within to prevent unauthorised access to content or policy.

It enables increased visibility and control over sensitive files with centralised access and use policy managed centrally and enforced locally at a file level. New policies can be dynamically implemented and synchronised with files on endpoints or collaboration platforms.

Built-in file usage monitoring and alerting lets enterprises determine when, where, and how individual files are accessed and altered, and by whom, to provide broad control and protection over unstructured data.

Voltage SmartCipher is licensed by endpoint on an annual subscription. It may be implemented in stages, according to the needs of enterprises, letting administrators map file location and roll-out file protection without disruption.