An AI Advisor for Buying Business Software, an artificial intelligence-based platform, has launched an AI-based advisor Wyz (pronounced WISE) to help business managers discover software solutions specific to their business need and context. The company claims it can reduce the time to find the right software product from months or years to a few minutes, while also reducing the risk of a wrong selection.

Wyz guides the business managers by asking intelligent, relevant, and personalized questions to understand the business need. It then uses the Cuspera AI engine to find a list of software products proven in a similar business setting and matching the business need.

Cuspera's patent-pending AI engine is powered by NLP technologies such as topic detection, sentiment analysis, and ML algorithms based on semi-supervised learning to identify business needs, score and match them with products. has over 16,000 marketing and sales-related software products with 50 million referenceable data points by 1.5 million peers and experts in 40 industry verticals. This data powers the personalized recommendations, tailored to the specific need of the business manager.

Subrahmanyam Vempati, Co-Founder and CEO of Cuspera, said, "Cuspera is conceived based on the pain points I had personally faced as a Corporate VP at HP. My success was limited by our ability to find and deploy the right software in a continuously evolving business landscape. At Cuspera, we are on a mission to equip the business managers to digitally transform their businesses by enabling faster software selection."

To date, has been used by over 50,000 business managers, mainly from the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany. It is backed by leading angel investors such as Raul Vejar, Bhupen Shah, and Peter van der Fluit. Bhupen Shah, Angel investor and co-founder of Sling Media, said, "I am a big believer in Cuspera's mission to empower business managers to select software to suit their particular needs. Wyz is a wonderful step in realizing that mission."

Cuspera was founded in 2017, with offices in Santa Clara (USA), and Bangalore (India). The company currently has 20 employees, most of whom have a deep background in ML/AI, both as researchers and practitioners.

Krishna Prasad Chitrapura, Co-Founder, Cuspera, said, "We live in a world of hyper-specialized software solutions. Our AI-based algorithms crunch vast amounts of unstructured data from a large, diverse set of public information sources such as blogs, reports, reviews, patents, and vendor-related data to profile software products, their use cases, and their deployments."


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