Claris Connect targets SMB workflow automation

Apple subsidiary has launched workflow automation platform called Claris Connect designed to drive digital transformation for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris, said, “For our more than 20 years, Claris has been the go-to solution to deliver apps that fit the white space between existing applications. Today, Claris Connect offers the best way to connect critical cloud applications with the real, physical world of devices, servers and sensors."

With nearly 50 connectors at launch, including some of the world's most widely used enterprise applications like Trello, Slack and Box, Claris Connect eliminates the need for custom coding. Yet it also provides powerful features like conditional logic, approvals, code blocks and custom connectors.

It can integrate and automate all critical applications whether in the cloud, on-prem, and even on-device. Claris' global developer community, serving more than 1 million active users, now have the power of cross-application integrate and automation using a platform they already know.

Additional services include:

-- Automate Almost Automatically - Apps can be selected and connected easily to get advanced automation up and running in minutes. Stringing together apps with triggers and actions, means developers no longer have to choose between power and simplicity.
-- Leverage Templates - built-in templates let users instantly manage marketing leads, route prospects to sales, track IT ticket escalations, facilitate order processing, and much more.
-- Feel Free to Go Pro - Access powerful tools like data transformation, approvals, and webhooks for custom API integration. Use JavaScript to add custom server-side code and leverage built-in logging, flow control with conditional logic, loops, error handling, and versioning.

Claris Connect is built on Claris Core, which means that the DevOps, CloudOps, and SecOps teams work to ensure users have the latest technologies and strongest security. End-to-end encryption, HSM key management, OAuth, MFA, AI-based threat protection, and more. With Claris Connect, users can also take advantage of an extensive ecosystem that includes a global professional partner network, in-depth learning resources, and an active online community.

Pricing begins at $US99 per month. To sign up, go to Claris Connect and click "Buy" to choose a plan. Users can purchase right then on the site and will be up and running in minutes.


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