Kapish goTRIM Pro for mobile CM

Kapish has announced the latest goTRIM Pro release which  is compatible with Content Manager 9.4 and iOS13 and is now available for download now from iOS and Android app stores

This release is backwards compatible with the previous goTRIM Pro release, so mobile users can update their app at any time, independent of the server-side update.

The new release includes expanded security features including additional encryption capabilities.

The latest version of goTRIM Pro supports the federated authentication method of oAuth. Specifically developed to work with Citadel-IX (Content Manager as a Service offering), this new security feature allows organisations to use oAuth for user authentication for goTRIM Pro.

Kapish goTRIM Pro 3.01 server connection settings (including Gateway URLs, passwords, user names, PIN code etc.) are now stored encrypted on the device. This will significantly improve the security of the application as the server module connection details are not directly stored on the device’s memory in plain text.

The ‘Open in Native’ option now opens the offline checked-out documents in edit mode. This feature will enable users to automatically navigate to the edit mode of the document without manually searching and opening the document from another application.

There are also more credential management features in the new release.

The user experience has been improved with the addition of new Edit Mode enhancements and the ability to previewing email content.

The latest version of goTRIM Pro previews email contents on iOS devices. This allows users to preview emails seamlessly in eml and msg formats on an iOS device.

There are also improvements to the date display for offline records and offline records’ property dates are now populated correctly.

Check out the latest Release Notes and Fixes and Enhancements for more details.