Coveo gives search boost to Xero app store

SMB finance app Xero has added new search functionality on the company’s app marketplace, powered by enterprise software-as-a-service platform Coveo, making it faster and simpler for small businesses to find the right apps to suit their unique needs.

With more than 800 third party apps that connect to the platform, Xero’s app marketplace now serves up suggestions based on a small business’ profile when they are logged into Xero and an improved search toolbar presents popular apps and quick links, providing a more personalised, intuitive, and efficient experience.

“We’re passionate about getting apps into the hands of more small businesses, with those that connect to apps more likely to see increased revenue and greater business efficiency1,” said Nick Houldsworth, Executive GM of Ecosystem at Xero.

“We’ve seen a 50% increase in people searching for cashflow apps from February to April this year, so we know making it easy to access the right technology is more important than ever.”

The new search functionality is powered by Coveo’s recommendations engine, using machine learning to serve up app suggestions based on a small business’ profile when they are logged into Xero.

Xero’s established relationship with Coveo, which also powers the search on Xero Central – a one-stop support resource for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers – means Xero will be able to offer users an even more connected experience. It will eventually enable customers to view Xero support articles in app marketplace searches, and app marketplace recommendations in Xero Central.

Coveo CEO and Chairman Louis Tetu said, “Creating intelligent experiences like Xero’s app marketplace and Xero Central are critical to compete in today’s experience economy. Digital leaders run on data and AI to create the relevant, unified experiences their customers expect - while adding real business value. Few companies understand that better than Xero.”

Whether a small business is looking to move sales online, coordinate staff or manage projects, Xero’s app marketplace features an array of third-party apps to help with their unique industry and business administration challenges.

“Tapping into smart insights through machine learning, not only improves the journey for time-poor small businesses, but enables us to consistently evolve our offering to provide beautiful experiences for our customers,” Nick Houldsworth said.

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