Epiq launches Compliance Connector for Teams

Ediscovery vendor Epiq has announced the launch of Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams, a proprietary tool that connects Teams deployments with an organization’s compliance and eDiscovery processes. Epiq Teams Compliance Connector threads Teams chat messages and is claimed to be one of the first applications to identify and collect modern attachments (e.g. links to files stored in Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange) and connect them to their associated Teams messages for eDiscovery purposes.

Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams helps to thread, identify, collect and connect the ever-growing number of messages in Teams, speeding the process for eDiscovery involving this emerging collaboration tool.

“To be truly effective in helping companies control their data management costs, as well as reduce the risk of regulatory-related fines, information governance tools need to keep pace with evolving business technologies,” said Roger Pilc, president and general manager for legal solutions at Epiq.

“We’re excited to offer Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams to enhance our clients’ information governance capabilities for data created within Microsoft 365.”

Use of Microsoft Teams is growing exponentially with the global shift towards greater online collaboration. In fact, on March 31, 2020 Microsoft saw a new daily record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day,1 a 200 percent increase from 900 million on March 16, 2020.

Key features of Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams include:

Conversation threading: Teams messages are connected together for streamlined review in various eDiscovery platforms.

Intelligent version handling: Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams collects modern attachments from OneDrive and SharePoint with intelligent version handling.

eDiscovery compatible: Output can be presented in a logical HTML and PDF format mirroring the native Teams environment, or the output can be made available as an eDiscovery load-file for document review platforms.



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