Call Centre software links with Teams

Integration between Microsoft Teams and Australian cloud call centre platform, Premier Contact Point, promises to be a game changer for organisations providing customer support.

It allows customer support staff to view Teams Presence across the organisation, directly within the Premier Contact Point Agent Desktop and collaborate with them via Teams chat, whilst the customer is on the phone. The staff member can then easily be patched into a 3‐way conference call with the customer, with just one click.

This integration provides a dramatic improvement in customer experience, as no longer will customers need to be transferred to another department, only to have to wait for someone to be available, then repeat their issue and possibly have to repeat the identification process.

“We’ve been using Microsoft Teams to facilitate team collaboration for quite some time, and we love it, as do many of our customers, which is why we developed the integration. We are thrilled with the positive effect this integration will have on the customer experience that people will have when they call a contact centre” said Sol Rabinowicz, CEO of Premier Technologies.

“They’ll receive comprehensive help in a collaborative way and have their queries and needs taken care of far more efficiently.

Customer support staff will be able to draw upon expertise from colleagues throughout their organisation, which will significantly improve first call resolution rates, reduce average call handling times and cut queue wait times.”

The integration not only makes collaboration easy for teams, it means that customer support staff no long have to toggle through a myriad of screens on their desktop. Everything they need is in the Premier Contact Point Agent Desktop.

The integration makes it quick and easy for customer support staff to search for help with colleagues who have the right expertise, and to view their Presence status.

And as both platforms are cloud-based, it means all team members have access, no matter where they are working. This is ideal for the many contact centre agents currently working from home.

When combined with features like automatic call distribution, digital self-help tools, call recording and real-time dashboards, the Premier Contact Point and Microsoft Teams integration ensures customer support teams are equipped with everything they need to collaborate with everyone and deliver outstanding customer service.