AI-enhanced Ediscovery and Document Review

Lighthouse, a US developer of technology-enabled legal services, has announced the launch of Lighthouse Prism, a new in-house technology that uses AI and machine learning to radically improve document review legal processes.

Lighthouse Prism deploys big data analytics along with expert insights and unified workflow consulting to deliver scalable, lightning-speed ediscovery and document review, with the proven ability to save thousands of hours in review time and over $US1 million in review costs on a single matter.

“Prism empowers organizations to reap even more value from the painstaking process of document review, illuminating connections and highlighting trends lying beneath the surface across their dockets,” said E.J. Bastien, Director of Discovery Programs at Microsoft.

“Heightening efficiency, it reduces both cost and risk in the same stroke. The technology only gets stronger, faster, and better with every use – an extremely exciting development for the world of ediscovery.”

Lighthouse claims the current reality for many legal teams is inefficient and inconsistent document and privilege review that is expensive and time consuming.

Leveraging AI-powered analysis of text, metadata, and prior attorney work product, Lighthouse Prism identifies and removes duplicate data, makes recommendations to consistently code documents across matters, and provides valuable ediscovery insights to organizations while lowering risks and reducing time and costs.

A proof of concept conducted with a multinational pharmaceutical company demonstrated Lighthouse Prism’s ability to remove 350,000 documents from review and reduce 15,000 hours of attorney review, representing a savings of over $US1 million in review costs with a 34-percent reduction on a single matter.


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