M Files acquires Hubshare

M-Files has acquired the French company Hubshare – which also has offices in Sydney and Hong Kong – to strengthen external content sharing and collaboration. 

Hubshare offers a secure digital workplace portal that enhances user and client engagement through collaborative working, secure file sharing, and project management. 

Now part of the M-Files product portfolio, the Hubshare secure information exchange platform enables companies to drive digitalization and improve the customer experience using branded, customizable client portals, which can be tailored to meet individual client needs.

"The Hubshare acquisition helps us deliver a unique digital client experience and better serve knowledge worker industries such as professional services, where information sharing and external collaboration are critical requirements," said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO at M-Files.

While the M-Files user experience is optimized for streamlining internal document management processes, the new Hubshare hub in M-Files provides key information such as documents, people, processes, discussions and more to external users, such as clients, via a branded portal that is optimized for an improved external user experience.

"Our combined offering will undoubtedly benefit organizations across the globe seeking a more secure and integrated solution for internal and external collaboration,” Nicholas Child, CEO, Hubshare.