Sinequa launches Intelligent Search Platform on Azure

Sinequa has announced the launch of Sinequa for Microsoft Azure, a self-managed Intelligent Search platform.

Sinequa for Azure enables digital workers to stop sifting for information across Enterprise applications and brings the knowledge and insight to the users no matter the source, format, language, or location.

Integrated with Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.), Sinequa also seamlessly extracts valuable information from applications such as Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, OpenText, Documentum, file shares, databases, and other data sources, by leveraging a portfolio of over 200 out-of-the-box connectors.

Sinequa for Azure integrates Azure Cognitive Services to enable organizations to ingest all of their enterprise data sources, transform that data into searchable information, and enable users to get precise insights to natural language queries.

“Sinequa was among the first to provide enterprise search flexibility for public, private and hybrid cloud architectures. Our customers have been deploying our platform in the cloud for many years. Today, capitalising on this experience, we are excited to launch Sinequa for Azure, a new version of our product that leverages the powerful capabilities of Azure.” said Alexandre Bilger, CEO of Sinequa.

Sinequa for Azure brings a new flexible architecture designed to optimally use the various services and resources provided by Azure cloud services.

It leverages the elasticity provided by Azure to adjust computing resources required for various workloads.

Sinequa says Azure’s elasticity enables you to process millions of documents - which normally takes days or weeks with a static architecture - in a couple of hours at a reduced cost.

Sinequa for Azure is now available in the Azure Marketplace.