Forensic tool helps speed up investigations

MSAB, a developer of forensic technology for mobile device investigations has announced an updated extraction solution, XRY, that includes new hash matching functionality to identify suspect data as early as possible in the extraction process thus enabling examiners to make informed choices quickly and easily.

"Mobile phone security measures have grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years, with evolutions in passcode, thumbprints and facial recognition. In particular advanced encryption is a challenge for most law enforcement organisations,” says Mike Dickinson, Chief Business Development Officer.

“At MSAB we understand that to access data, investigators need to bypass security locks or acquire passcodes. The latest XRY release includes integrated support for physical extraction that bypasses most locked Huawei Kirin devices.”

When it comes to data analysis, MSAB previously introduced the capability to automatically link profiles identified as related. This helps investigators focus on people of interest and build a complete profile of a person, using all possible available identifiers.

The new release enhances this ability by introducing an updated “Connection view” feature to an analytical tool, XAMN Horizon. This facilitates faster linking and filtering of persons of interest in order to map the relationships between them.


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