ORPALIS adds Deep Learning-based ICR engine

ORPALIS Imaging Technologies has introduced its first ICR engine, improving its machine vision capabilities. This first version is dedicated to handwritten numerics located in boxes, and future versions will support more contexts.

The OCR engine found in ORPALIS' flagship products like its SDKs GdPicture.NET, DocuVieware, and PassportPDF API, comprises different continuously improved layers using heuristics, machine learning, and applied mathematical-based methods.

The OCR engine is continuously improved and produces faster results with better quality. It is starting to implement outcomes of extensive fundamental research carried by the R&D team for the past ten years. Research work includes thresholding, pattern recognition, layout analysis, and image quality enhancement.

Deep learning-based features help to increase the speed and accuracy of the engine and bring new capabilities such as ICR.

Data extraction is probably the most critical challenge for businesses.

OCR, and especially AI-powered OCR, allows automated data extraction, especially important for business documents like invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, receipts, and any kind of structured and semi-structured documents.

The ORPALIS document recognition engine has been optimized to process business documents better and facilitate data extraction automatization.



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