Secured Signing introduces Multi Factor Authentication

Secured Signing has announced the release of its newest security feature: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via SMS or Authenticator App.

This provides users of Secured Signing with an additional layer of security on top of the current login process. Users will then be prompted to confirm they are who they say they are by entering a short numerical code which is received via SMS or an authenticator app of the users choosing.

“It is important for Secured Signing to provide our customers with the right tools to enhance their security within their organization,” says Mike Eyal, Founder, and CTO at Secured Signing.

“We offer many security features to Enterprise customers such as integrations with Single-Sign-On providers, with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) being an extension of that.”

With a few clicks and minimal set-up, Secured Signing users can now utilize the MFA function out of the box with their paid Secured Signing Pay-as-you-Go, Business, or Enterprise account.

Secured Signing is not enforcing MFA or stopping non-MFA users from accessing Secured Signing.

However, there is a plan to auto-enable and enforce MFA for all logins to Secured Signing in the future. This is to ensure that Secured Signing provides all customers with the highest level of security possible.

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