Double A0 Scanner goes into service at War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra has completed installation of a METIS DRS 2000 DCS Double A0 Scanner. The Extra-Large Format Scanner can scan material of any type up to 2x1.21m in size with a depth of field of up to 500mm.

Specially designed for Fine-Art, Professional Cartography and cultural heritage digital reproduction applications, it integrates METIS technologies such as natural colour capturing and appearance, 3D data calculation, perfect geometric accuracy and more.

The DRS 2020 DCS includes features such as:

- a digital camera with 16K imaging sensor. The digital camera is vertically motorized in order to allow achieving an optical resolution of 1200 PPI (up to 2400 x 1200 PPI).

- The DC Synchrolight (Dynamically Controlled Synchronized Light), a patent protected METIS technology, gives the ability to control and change dynamically, instantly and automatically the angle and intensity of the light emitted by the light sources in the scanning area, making it possible to optimize the result of the digitization, depending on the type and nature of the originals.

The US Library of Congress USA uses the DRS 2000 DCS to digitise its collections to make them accessible on the web. digitizing its collections to make them accessible on the web.

The scanner was supplied by distributor DS & ME in conjunction with reseller Micrographic Engineering Services (MES).

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