ScannX releases Overhead Scanning Solution for Home Users

ScannX has entered the consumer market with the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, Home Edition. Built on ScannX software and CZUR scanning technology, it streamlines book scanning to page turning by combining the library-quality power and functionality of the CZUR ET18 Pro overhead scanner with ScannX Book ScanCenter, Home Edition software.

Whether home users want to save special books in digital form, quickly scan and grade student essays, preserve collections of comic books or graphic novels, or scan important documents while working remotely, the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, Home Edition is an essential tool for all their scanning needs.

The scanning software creates flat scans from curved books, enables glossy prints to be scanned without glare or reflection, and integrates smart tilt correction and auto-cropping. Users may choose to add optional fee-based software services such as fax and automatic translation of scanned text into one of more than 60 languages.

“The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, Home Edition combines our years of experience meeting the exacting needs of libraries to deliver scanning solutions that their patrons can easily use with affordable hardware that delivers quality and reliability,” said Murray L. Dennis, CEO of ScannX.

“Our Book ScanCenter software continues to win awards when voted on by library staff who regularly rely on it to serve their staff and patrons, and now this software is available to home users for the first time ever."

The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, Home Edition:

  • Delivers ultra-fast scans with no pre-scan required
  • Features a unique overhead hardware design to capture face-up books up to 17” x 11” in size
  • Uses advanced page-flattening algorithms to transform pixels from a 3D, curved book surface to a completely flat undistorted image
  • Removes user's thumbs from the final scans with finger cots or optional advanced ThumbErase technology for automatic digital thumb removal
  • Creates reflection-free scans of glossy documents through GlareFree side lighting
  • Enables users to control the scanner using their computer, a hand button, or a foot pedal
  • Integrates ABBYY FineReader technology for unmatched OCR accuracy, with automatic conversion to searchable PDF, Word, MP3, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats
  • Provides accessibility tools for the visually impaired

The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, Home Edition is the company’s first consumer model, built around the same sophisticated technology found in its higher-end solutions. It joins the company’s broad family of document scanning systems, ranging from entry-level overhead and book-edge scanners designed for use by library patrons, to A2 and A3+ preservation systems for archival-quality document retention.

"The combination of the CZUR ET18 Pro hardware with the ScannX Book ScanCenter, Home Edition software lets home users experience a broad range of scanning functionality with a small footprint, powerhouse overhead scanner," Dennis continued.

"Everything we learned from more than a decade of working with libraries is available immediately to home users for the first time ever. It lets them experience a professional scanning solution without having to becoming scanning professionals."

Accessibility is a standard feature of the ScannX software, which is designed to meet the needs of visually impaired and fully blind users. Audio feedback simplifies navigating the scanning process; books can be read to the user while scanning; or text converted into MP3 files that can be listened to at their convenience.

The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, Home Edition is available on for $US995. The scanner hardware is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from CZUR that can be upgraded and extended through ScannX for up to five years. The software is supported by ScannX technical support and customer service teams based in the US.


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