Hyland gains VERS accreditation for working in public sector

Hyland has announced that the Australian office has been granted Victoria’s Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Version 2.0 accreditation, under Victoria’s governmental policy on the creation, capture and preservation of digital records.

VERS accreditation governs the creation of “authentic, meaningful and complete” government records, and plays a big part in the digitisation of documents and ongoing digital transformation in government bodies nationwide.

The VERS accreditation process is undertaken by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV), and ensures compliance in line with the demands of modern digital records keeping.

PROV conducts the test and validates the capability of commercial vendor systems to generate valid VEOs in compliance with PROS 19/05 Specifications.

“This accreditation is significant for Hyland, as it means we are trusted and certified to provide software to government organisations across Australia. Gaining this accreditation pays testimony to our drive and desire to fulfil the strict policies in place around government tenders,” said Country manager for ANZ at Hyland, Jamie Atherton.

“We are now very well-placed to provide advanced solutions right across all levels of government in Australia.



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