ScaleHub APAC expansion continues in Japan

ScaleHub, a global provider of crowdsourced business process outsourcing solutions, has announced its expansion to Japan as part of the company’s activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

ScaleHub will continue to focus on the globally defined target markets of BPOs and shared service centres for the financial services industry. With a BPO market forecasted to reach $22 billion by 2025, Japan is an ideal spot for ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solutions.  

Japan-based customers are known to demand high-accuracy data from their existing data capture providers. However, there’s been an increased demand for delivering 100% accuracy, which hasn’t been reached with traditional data capture providers. Due to the complexity of Japan’s character-based languages, many operators and businesses still spend valuable time verifying data and thus have seen little-to-no ROI.

ScaleHub’s cloud-based portal connects to more than 2.3M global crowd contributors who can verify different Japanese character types and fonts - Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana - even if not native speakers.

ScaleHub CRO Torsten Malchow said, “We’re happy to have hit the ground running with our first customer projects, which showcase the benefits from our managed-service approach. Success in Japan won’t fall from the sky - that’s why we’ve onboarded an experienced Japanese team over the past few months, and in May 2022, we registered a new legal ScaleHub entity in Japan. 

“We are fully committed to developing the Japanese market with ScaleHub solutions. In Japan, many business processes rely on documents, faxed images, mobile capture, and other input channels, all of which can be quickly and accurately processed via our crowdsourcing portal - even low-resolution faxes, historically some of the most difficult material to automatically process.”


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