SNP unveils Next Generation of CrystalBridge Software Platform

Heidelberg-based software and consulting company SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE, a provider of software for digital transformation and automated data migrations in the SAP environment, has unveiled the next generation of its CrystalBridge software platform.

It adds more comprehensive data analytics including benchmarking and monitoring, better cloud integration and connectivity, and extensive data management solutions.

Gerald Faust, Managing Director & CEO, Asia Pacific and Middle East at SNP commented,” Data is becoming the key pillar of every customer-centric organisation, as it relies on quick, agile decisions to become increasingly sustainable and intelligent. With our versatile CrystalBridge software, we are enabling enterprises to transform the way they innovate and operate - combining the best technologies for a faster transformation of data into value and insights.”

As a strategic addition beyond the data transformation itself, SNP now offers software solutions for further challenges related to business data: from data integration and masking sensitive data to data archiving and system decommissioning.

SNP software can provide the high-quality SAP data that is necessary for system processes to run smoothly and efficiently. This allows customers to focus on exactly the data they need in their SAP environment. The selected SAP data is migrated to on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments whose innovation potential creates maximum value.

In the future, SNP will also offer analyses and transformations for the rapidly growing areas of analytics and cloud data warehouses as well as enable data integrations and evaluations between SAP and non-SAP system landscapes. By archiving or deleting legacy or temporary data, organizations can reduce the load on their databases, ensure compliance, slow down data growth, and reduce operating and maintenance costs for storage capacity.

SNP also has the largest SAP-independent benchmark database, which contains over 4,000 system scans. In the future, benchmarking will allow companies to comparatively examine and optimize the quality, processing and value creation of their data in competitive markets. Another benefit for customers is the AI-driven automation that comes with a high level of industrialization, which will simplify the entire transformation process.


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