Spirion adds Risk Score to Sensitive Data Platform

Spirion has announced the release of new enhancements to its Sensitive Data Platform, providing greater visibility into sensitive data risks and automated controls to prioritize, manage and reduce exposure. It features a first risk score that automatically prioritizes and reports on sensitive data risks across the enterprise.

A new SDV Sensitive Data Risk Dashboard helps security professionals better control the threat surface of enterprise data by understanding where its greatest risks are located. The risk score and dashboard provide an objective way to measure the three main components of sensitive data risk: data value, volume, and vulnerability.

Security leaders struggle to set priorities because of the overwhelming volume of sensitive data assets, threats, and demands on their time. In the recent Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2022 report, while stating the drivers for exposure management Gartner suggests: "Lack of classification and understanding of prioritization and risk, in line with high volumes of findings is leaving organizations with far too much to do regarding their exposure and little guidance on what to action first."1

"Spirion acts as the single source of truth for sensitive data and for any initiative focused on protecting that data. Protection has to start at the source," said Michael Kaczmarek, Spirion Head of Product.

"In order to limit an organization's exposure to the risks associated with their data, they must understand it's value, volume and overall vulnerability. Sensitive Data Platform's accurate data discovery, automated classification and remediation - now enhanced with quantifiable risk scores and visual risk dashboards - help security teams better manage their sensitive data exposure and reduce the risks associated with it."

Sensitive Data Risk Dashboard

Busy security operations teams struggle to stay on top of all the issues that need to be resolved and alerts that require investigation. Spirion's SDV3 Sensitive Data Risk Dashboard gives visibility into an organization's attack surface and where the greatest risks are located, so limited resources can be optimized based on business risk and what matters most.

The Sensitive Data Risk Dashboard provides a quantitative measure of data risk that is directly tied to the sensitivity of personal data stored across IT systems along with actionable visualizations, allowing organizations to effectively manage their overall risk associated with the sensitive data they are entrusted with. It scores the overall risk value of sensitive data assets and accurately assesses the potential costs of data exfiltration based on the three primary characteristics of sensitive data risk:

Value: The relative value an organization assigns to a data asset (dollar amount or ranking). This could include high value data (PII, PHI, company secrets, etc.) or highly regulated data based on industry.

Volume: The volume of sensitive data in an asset to help security teams quickly spot opportunities to remove unneeded ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial) data to minimize their sensitive data threat surface.

Vulnerability: Based on location and overall data posture, how vulnerable is an organization's data to being compromised or misused, either inadvertently or maliciously?