Laurel Bridge Software solves Enterprise Imaging Workflow Challenges

Laurel Bridge Software, Inc., a provider of imaging software solutions that enables health systems to orchestrate complex medical imaging workflows, has announced several new capabilities and enhancements to their Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite of applications.

These new capabilities help address the following major trends in enterprise imaging: 

  • AI algorithm development and implementation 
  • Cloud-based and hybrid workflows 
  • Image sharing and security 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Management of structured data 
  • Continued integration with Master Patient Index (MPI) solutions 
  • Integration of medical video into enterprise workflow 

New capabilities include: 

  • Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite 
    • Support for TLS 1.3 for Windows Server 2022 
    • Centralized control of Compass and Navigator by Lighthouse 
    • Continued transition of our Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite to a web UI 
    • Support for LDAP and LDAPS 
    • Support for DICOM storage and retrieval of medical video 
  • Compass Routing Workflow Manager. 
    • Improvements to DICOM SR integration to support trending measurements 
    • Improved control and notification for STAT exams in streaming mode (maybe customer only) 
    • Patient Identifier Cross-Reference (PIX) and MPI query integration 
    • Conversion between PDF and encapsulated PDF (HL7 or DICOM) 
    • Secure "image sharing" without VPN (using DICOMweb RESTful services) 
  • Navigator Imaging Retrieval Workflow Manager 
    • Look and feel consistent with other Laurel Bridge web-based solutions 
    • C# scripting language equivalent to other Laurel Bridge solutions 
    • Relevant new and prior study fetching to support AI or research workflows 


Laurel Bridge  refers toits Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite as the "Swiss Army Knife" of medical imaging workflow because the components can be integrated in virtually limitless ways to solve numerous, and often unique, imaging workflow problems.

It consists of the following: 

Compass Routing Workflow Manager provides a scalable and robust architecture for routing DICOM objects and HL7 messages. 

Navigator Imaging Retrieval Workflow Manager solves complex enterprise imaging workflow problems, such as retrieving and normalizing imaging studies from multiple facilities, PACS or VNA systems. 

Waypoint Encounter & Modality Worklist Manager consolidates and manages modality and encounter worklists across the enterprise. 

Exodus - Migration and Consolidation Controller provides a comprehensive migration management solution. 

Beacon Enterprise Study Q/C Manager enables normalization of patient and study demographics. 

Lighthouse Centralized Monitoring and Management Platform centralizes monitoring and diagnosis of your Compass workflow managers. 

AI Workflow Suite facilitates the fetching and routing of anonymized and re-identified patient information with AI algorithms. 

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