Insight Optix Issued Second Patent for eDiscovery

Insight Optix, a legal technology company, has been its second US patent related to Evidence Optix’s (EO) discovery scoping, data source tracking, and proportionality workflow.

The patent, titled, Systems and Methods for Determining Proportionality in E-Discovery (U.S. Patent No. 11,468,528), provides protections in relation to EO’s discovery scoping heatmap and expands on initial protections granted in the first patent.

Until EO, the Identification stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) has largely been overlooked by technology providers, even though decisions made during this phase of litigation have the most significant impact on eDiscovery costs and risk.

EO’s strategic workflow transforms how corporate legal teams and outside counsel approach early discovery scoping and budgeting, meet and confer negotiations, and proportionality arguments with the court.

Developing an early case strategy using EO informs decisioning around settlement, while dramatically reducing the amount of data moving downstream into the expensive stages of litigation (if a decision is made to proceed).

Between the two patents, Insight Optix has achieved significant protection around major components of the model: the construction of relevancy, burden, and cost metrics; the interview process that drives those metrics; and the heatmap that compiles these data points to aid in discovery scoping and negotiation.

The initial patent also includes data source tracking functionality, which provides centralized collaboration and documentation for corporate legal departments, outside counsel, and vendors throughout the litigation lifecycle.

“Receiving two patents related to EO is further confirmation that Insight Optix has developed a unique and innovative solution for an industry that continues to grapple with exponential data volumes and rising eDiscovery costs. The only way to disrupt this trend is to surgically target custodians and relevant data earlier in the process,” said Mandi Ross, CEO and Managing Director of Insight Optix.

“It is an honor to share our solutions with clients and deliver a more cost-effective and efficient approach to eDiscovery from the inception of a lawsuit or investigation.”

Most eDiscovery service provider business models are centred on post-collection services; however, with continuing price pressures, these companies are now focused on earlier stages in the eDiscovery lifecycle to capture additional revenue.

From the other side of the EDRM, legal hold technology providers are looking to accelerate growth and view the later stages as opportunities for expansion. EO is positioned in the Identification stage, which perfectly complements both strategies. With two strong patents, EO solidifies its place as a leading technology solution that commences in the Identification stage.


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