New Java Client API for ScaleOut Software

ScaleOut Software has introduced a new Java client API for its distributed caching platform, ScaleOut StateServer, adding new features and reliability improvements for developing modern, Java-based web applications.

Designed with cloud-based deployments and flexibility in mind, the Java client API can be used within any Web application and independent of any framework. This means that organizations can easily incorporate the ScaleOut client API within their existing application architectures.

The ScaleOut Java client API enables applications to store and retrieve POJOs (plain old java objects) from multiple ScaleOut in-memory data grids (IMDGs; also called distributed caches) and provides an easy to use, fast, cloud-ready caching API. 

“We are pleased to offer developers our new Java client API for increased flexibility,” said Dr. William Bain, ScaleOut Software’s CEO and founder.

“By accessing ScaleOut StateServer with this API, organizations can build modern cloud applications in Java while improving connectivity and application performance.”

New features include:

  • Simultaneous connections: Enables simultaneous connections from Java clients to multiple caches across availability zones to ensure data availability in cloud environments.
  • Built-in support for connection strings: Simplifies connectivity to multiple distributed caches and incorporates DNS support.
  • Asynchronous API access: Enhances flexibility in application design and assists in optimizing performance.


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