Scan solution for PDF accessibility

AbleDocs has unveiled its new and improved ADScan, an automated tool that scans an organization's internal and external websites and document repositories and provides detailed analytics and monthly monitoring reports on the accessibility of all PDF documents.

"We've always looked for ways to democratize the idea and understanding of digital accessibility," said Adam Spencer, President and CEO of AbleDocs.

"With ADScan, we're providing organisations with a tool that can help them visualise and understand where they're at within their document accessibility compliance, which provides decision-makers with the information they need to determine the best course of action."

Unlike its predecessor, the new ADScan's refined engine measures to true PDF/UA compliance. Its more comprehensive scanning capabilities and document analysis enable organisations to strategise their digital accessibility strategy best.

The revamped ADScan offers:

  • A fully accessible user interface (UI);
  • Month-over-month monitoring that provides progress on new and remediated files;
  • An improved algorithm provides a grade that assesses both accessibility and compliance; and
  • Historical progress reports show how much your organization has improved its document accessibility, making it easier for compliance audit trails to be provided on request.

"With the latest updates in place, and more coming as part of our development schedule, the new ADScan can put more control into the hands of its users," said Paul Walker, Chief Technology Officer at AbleDocs.

"As we continue to build out and improve ADScan's capabilities, we're seeing reporting results that could change the game of document accessibility as we know it. We're working on setting the standard of what true document testing should be."

AbleDocs's new ADScan helps make decision-making significantly easier for organizations while providing them with the knowledge of how to proceed with their digital accessibility strategy.


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