Compass UOL integrates ChatGPT to RPA platforms

Compass UOL, a global company specialised in digital transformation, has developed a new solution that brings together the topic of the moment in the technology industry - ChatGPT – and the very well-known RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platforms.

Today, ChatGPT is considered the most robust Generative AI application in the global technology market because it is built on top of Open AI's GPT 3.5, which has more than 175 billion parameters, enabling several types of interactions, such as extracting information ready and summarised in a chat format, and producing texts of various types. All this in a faster and more precise way.

Compass UOL's new integrated offer unites two technologies - ChatGPT API and RPA - that complement each other and ensure the delivery of a differentiated service to customers.

While ChatGPT performs the ultra-fast collection of information through the use of artificial intelligence, RPA organises the data collected and performs the necessary tasks that, until then, were performed manually.

Due to the efficiency of the artificial intelligence used in ChatGPT, Compass UOL's information extraction and processing solution in conjunction with RPA technology becomes tangible to be offered to customers.

The company's new offering is highly customisable and can be tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Cleyton Ferreira, CTO of Compass UOL, said, "ChatGPT is a new revolution in the technology market, we can compare it to a major milestone as was the creation of the Internet and SMS communication.

"This technology offers significant additional power to cognitive and conversational interfaces, such as chatbots and voicebots.

“Thus, being able to diversify their knowledge, creating applications with an even more robust knowledge base, enabling time savings, accuracy, efficiency, integration, natural interaction, technical support and constant monitoring."


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