Appian Democratizes AI for Process Automation

Appian has announced the release of the latest version of the Appian Platform for process automation. The new release introduces AI Skill Designer, a low-code way to build, train, and deploy custom machine learning (ML) models. The release also features enhancements in automation and total experience, plus further-streamlined data management via the Appian Data Fabric

Appian AI Skill Designer enables developers at all levels to easily operationalize AI and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up their workforce and eliminating the risk of human error in data classification and extraction. The low-code design allows developers to quickly incorporate AI to optimize business functions while leveraging the Appian Platform’s native AI/ML services to provide an integration of AI capabilities automatically.

The Appian Platform provides three out-of-the-box native AI Skills for content processing: document classification, email classification and document extraction. 

“AI is an essential component of the end-to-end automation that businesses need to gain efficiency and market differentiation. Other AI tools are complex and lack data privacy, prohibiting most organizations from gaining value from AI,” said Michael Beckley, CTO and Founder, Apian. “We are removing these barriers of complexity so anyone can train custom AI models without special skills, while also ensuring AI training data is secure and compliant with regulations.”

This new release elevates total experience across all users with new features for Portals, Sites, and interfaces that make development faster and easier. New features include:

  • Expanded page navigation on Sites and Portals. You can now add up to 10 pages to a Site or Portal, giving the flexibility to provide a robust and engaging experience to users. As more pages are added, the navigation is optimized for a simplified view.  
  • Customize Portals domains. Now you can configure your Portals with a custom domain to match existing web addresses. 
  • Build Portals for healthcare with HITRUST certification. Portals are now included under the Appian Platform’s HITRUST certification and can be used to capture protected health information at industry standard. 

Appian Data Fabric stitches together data from any system into a single virtual data model, while keeping data where it is. This release includes Data Fabric enhancements to reduce the time and effort needed to build powerful applications, including:

  • Capture and display business events. Data and how users interact with it is the heart of the enterprise. Record events enable tracking that identifies who took action on a record and when. As events are captured, they are displayed in the event history list component to generate a timeline and snapshot of business operations. 
  • Simplified record action security. This release wraps up Appian data security features with the introduction of codeless record action security. Now, you can use familiar low-code security rules to determine who can see your actions and when.
  • Integrate with any database supporting the JDBC protocol. This release provides the flexibility to connect to even more databases. Now, users can seamlessly connect to any external database that supports the JDBC protocol.


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