Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK V18.4 Enhances Security

Dynamsoft has announced the release of Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK version 18.4 which places a stronger emphasis on data security.

The following enhancements have been made:

Advanced Encryption Algorithm: Dynamic Web TWAIN has strengthened local cache security by implementing a new encryption algorithm. This algorithm ensures that data stored in the local cache is better protected by changing encryption keys under different sessions.

Security Review of Third-Party Libraries: To maintain the highest standards of security, Dynamic Web TWAIN now conducts regular security reviews of third-party libraries incorporated into the SDK. This ongoing process ensures that the SDK remains resilient against emerging threats.

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK v18.4 also introduces new features that enhance its flexibility, making it even more adaptable to diverse scanning and imaging needs while streamlining the document scanning and editing experience:

Advanced Blank Page Detection: This release introduces a more robust blank page detection method with IsBlankImageAsync. Users can customize sensitivity levels, allowing them to overlook minor marks or disregard background patterns based on specific circumstances. This feature enhances the accuracy of document scanning and processing.

Easily Extract Selected Area: With the introduction of the brand-new OutputSelectedAreaAsync function, users can now export selected image areas to either a blob or base64 format. This powerful capability allows users to edit any selected area without modifying the original image, enabling greater control over document editing and manipulation.

Customizable Selection Box: Users now have the ability to tailor the appearance of the rectangular selection box when choosing image areas within both the Viewer and Image Editor. This includes modifying the in-viewer selection indicator's colour, border width, and line dash, offering greater visual customization options to suit individual preferences.

Flexible Installation Location: System administrators will appreciate the added flexibility this new property provides. It allows for hosting the dist folder at a remote location other than the local project folder, facilitating smoother deployment and management of the SDK.

Developers can download and install Dynamic Web TWAIN Edition version 18.4 from the Dynamsoft website, including a trial version. A 30-day trial license comes with the installer.


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