De.iterate and Source partner on Privacy Act compliance

In the wake of multiple high profile data breaches over the last 12 months, the Australian Government is undertaking the most comprehensive overhaul of Australia’s privacy laws in decades. de.iterate, an innovator in data privacy and cyber security is partnering with in-house legal, workplace and compliance services firm Source to help Australian businesses streamline their Privacy Act compliance, and improve their cyber security.

de.iterate and Source will deliver a simple-to-use Privacy Act compliance product through the existing de.iterate platform.

“This is a unique product that will help small to medium sized businesses with their personal information storage and handling practices to improve legal compliance with the Privacy Act”, said Stanislav Roth, Managing Director of Source Legal.

“The product contains a list of easy to follow tasks to help businesses navigate the ever evolving Privacy Act landscape, which will be continuously updated as the legislation changes. This will save businesses a lot of time, energy, and confusion with trying to keep up to date various changes to the Privacy Act.”

The product boasts several other bespoke features including customisable registers, compliance calendar, in-built policies, and dynamic data mapping.

“The de.iterate Privacy Act is a real turnkey solution, which was created to meet the growing needs of Australian businesses”, said Andrew Lawrence, de.iterate’s CEO.

"de.iterate is designed to demystify and streamline data privacy and cyber security, making compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, the Privacy Act and the Essential Eight stress-free and easy. Partnering with Source—a company that shares our commitment to excellence and innovation—allows us to extend our reach, and help even more businesses achieve compliance with ease and confidence."


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