REST assurance for superannuation firm

REST assurance for superannuation firm

Aug 17, 2005: TOWER Software's solution provider partner, EzyFILE has created an information management solution for REST Superannuation so that it can deliver a more efficient service to 1.5 million fund members.

Following superannuation legislation changes that started on July 1st, 2005, AAS, a part of KAZ business services, together with solutions provider EzyFILE, began looking at ways to provide with a complete information management solution.

Brian Peacock, the head of KBS IT, said that one of the major initiatives involved the need to support client enquiries by retrieving any communication between the client and REST's administrator, irrespective of the medium of those communications.

"We needed to introduce a total information management system into our environment. Records and document management is an integral part of the service we offer REST and its employers and members."

The system is based on TOWER Software's TRIM Context ECM product and user interfaces created by EzyFILE.

EzyFILE is used for the retention, disposition, storage and retrieval of key corporate data from a controlled central repository. It allows information to be made available on-line, so that all call centre users and operators can now answer employer and member questions quicker.

Peacock is very pleased that the EzyFILE solution has allowed AAS to bring all the REST employer and member information together into one central location, making it easier for data retrieval and management.

"For examples, every REST member has a unique identification number, which is used when capturing and storing information on that member. This gives us a complete picture of that member's history at one glance."

He expects improved efficiency in centrally indexing and storing all communication with employers and members too.

"We had a number of concerns about record storage. With EzyFILE all information can be retrieved electronically, thus providing a better service to REST employers and members."

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