80-20 simplifies document management for Telecom New Zealand

80-20 eases document management for Telecom New Zealand

Jul 05, 2005: Telecom New Zealand has updated its document management system with 80-20's software to help it provide information more securely and quickly to its board and executive team.

Telecom New Zealand provides Internet, data, voice, mobile and fixed line calling services to customers in New Zealand and Australia and it became one of the first Telco's in the world to be fully privatised back in 1990.

Linda Cox, Telecom's company secretary, said that the company had used another documents management system for the last four years, but had chosen to switch to 80-20 to reduce the complexities experienced with the old system.

"The Leaders Online system is very easy to use for the directors and it is a much bigger improvement on our last system. It is very secure for managing documents, and directors can easily archive materials and retrieve them too.

"The Leaders Online systems is simple to use and means that wherever our directors and executives are located that they can receive information in a timely and user friendly manner. The 80-20 product is clearly the category leader for the management of board and executive information and a natural choice for the efficient and effective delivery of sensitive information to the Telecom Board and Executive Team."

Mark Ross the CEO of 80-20 Software, said that he is very pleased that the New Zealand corporation had decided to use the company's governance, risk management and compliance solution.

"Leaders Online sets the standard for efficient board communication in a large percentage of Australia's best known companies, and so it is gratifying to see the product having tangible value for New Zealand corporations a well."

Telecom currently employs 6,000 people in New Zealand and over 2000 in Australia, through its subsidiary AAPT.

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