PC settings mobilised through iPod

PC settings mobilised through iPod

PowerHouse Technologies Group has created a new Migo product which transforms iPods from normal MP3 players into a hard drive that contains all of the personalised computer settings on any PC.

The Migo software stores Outlook (r) email, calendar and contacts, Internet Explorer favourites and browsing history as well as data files, presentations and many more facilities.

Joshua Feller, the president of PowerHouse Technologies Group, America said: "The merging of our Migo software with the iPod digital music player creates a mobile productivity tool that encompasses the best of both worlds. iPod users can now enjoy their favourite songs while carrying their personalised computer settings wherever they go."

Jay Elliot, CEO of PowerHouse Technologies Group, added: "PowerHouse Technologies' business strategy has always focused on being a software company and the new Migo for iPod builds on the momentum of this strategy. Our original Migo product line offered on a USB flash drive served as a launching pad for developing the software for iPod and other devices in the future.

"As a software company, our goal is to leverage top technology platforms, such as the iPod, to deliver the benefits and functionality of Migo to an expanded customer base."

A virtual copy of the user's PC is instantly converted into an iPod when the Migo is plugged into a Windows-based host computer.

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