Ernst & Young loosen risk of compliance

Ernst & Young loosen risk of compliance

80-20 Software and Ernst and Young have joined forces to provide an integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance solution for companies and government departments, which face tough new regulations.

Ernst & Young supports company directors and audit committee members which need to fulfil duties to the stakeholder by explaining regulatory requirements, advising on emerging issues and promoting best practice corporate governance principles.

80-20 Software integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance processes (GRC) suite of solutions helps companies to build consistent, sustainable and adaptable frameworks to meet requirements imposed by CLERP 9, the US Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and other governance provisions.

A Partner at Ernst & Young said: "The 80-20 solution serves as the foundation for effective compliance programs which can be tailored to industry and company specific needs by the expert Ernst and Young team. Our alliance with 80-20 Software will provide our clients with an opportunity to enhance their governance and compliance programs and will expand the portfolio of services and solutions we can offer to those clients."

Mark Ross, the CEO of 80-20 Software added: "We've been helping customers like Telstra, Coles Myer, the Australian Tax Office and the Commonwealth Bank implement and enforce their compliance and governance regimes for some time now. Our proven expertise and award-winning software, coupled with Ernst & Young's GRC experience, gives us the unique insight and ability to address the complex compliance issues facing large Australian organisations today."

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