ADI wins government EDMS grant

ADI wins government EDMS grant

Advanced Data Integration has won a Federal research and development grant, worth $775,000, to improve the intelligence in its software to help organisations deal with ever increasing documentation.

The project started in January 2004 and is expected to be complete by June 2005. It will be gradually rolled out at the time of completion. ADI's EDMS, DataWorks, is currently used in 130 local councils around Australia.

It is also used in State government, health, education, utilities and general commercials sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Chris Gorry, co-founder and Chief Executive Office, of Brisbane based company, Advanced Data Integration Pty Ltd said. "Since our opening in May 1994 we have seen an enormous increase in electronic documents, especially email which is growing at 64 percent per year, making the use of filtering and enhanced logic tools mandatory.

"When this increase in volume is combined with the increase in the number of new users needing to be trained we are faced with the need for an intelligent system capable of interactively building the user interface based on current behaviour, learned behaviour, class of users behaviour and organisation risk management."

He added that the research project aims to provide a user interface that is simpler, more intuitive and more adaptive than ever before. The key idea being to manage the 80 percent of information that lives outside of core databases.

DataWorks aims to help organisations capture and manage documents electronically so they can be stored in a way that can be easily retrieved instantly.ADI is planning to increase the security protection for these documents to minimise risks.

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