$50m boost for Victoria health records management

$50m boost for Victoria health records management

IBA Health Limited has made a global e-health software agreement with USA Fortune 500 Company Eastman Kodak to create a clinical information system for patient management and electronic health records.

The $50 million project is expected to improve the health service in Victoria by making it easier to find vital information needed to create products that can benefit patients.

John Brumby, the Minister for Innovation in Victoria has welcomed the announcement: "Victoria is home to the majority of the nation's biotech industry and has an established biomedical sector that is world-renowned.

"Victoria is also Australia's R&D leader in information and communication technologies (ICT) with research showing the State has 33 percent of the 'Top 250' ICT companies headquartered in Victoria.

"Biomedical research and practice generates enormous amounts of information that needs to be stored and analysed, and projects like this will be vital to better patient outcomes."

In addition, the Government is undertaking a number of other health and ICT projects in the region.

One of which is a $24 million is being spent on e-Prescribing projects, including piloting electronic prescribing; developing a blueprint for medication safety; and piloting the use of a robotic and computerised medication trolley.

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