Helping hand with Aussie compliance

Helping hand with Aussie compliance

HandySoft has recently launched a new office in Australia to provide assistance to companies which need consultancy and software essential to meeting government compliance regulations.

This company originally started in Korea, but in recent years it has addressed many problems faced by companies around the world, especially the United States, which have been hit hard by policies imposed by the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

Through face-to-face consultancy and the application of its BizFlow software, it claims to offer a complete compliance solution to organisations.

Robert Whiter, the general manager of HandySoft for Australia and New Zealand explained how his company has helped Australian firms such as QBE Insurance, Legion Interactive and Aurora.

"The QBE has to provide workers compensation in compliance of government regulations. Staff must show every step of the process involved with getting the payment to the claimant, including correspondence with doctors who pass the payment on.

"This has be done within a certain time period too. Without this transparency, the QBE would break the compliance laws. We have reduced the turn over for providing compliance evidence along with payment from two weeks to two months to two days.

"Our BizFlow software sits quietly inside the systems and alerts users when they needed to be reminded about taking an important action related to compliance.They are alerted via an email, which takes them to the application. It can even tell when you are away and contacts a person who can do the job for you.

"It is an analysis tool, routing engine, executive decision-making system."

HandySoft works with consulting firms LogicaCMG and AlphaWest to provide the customised consulting to each firm, and then it integrates the BizFlow software so that it works specifically to meets the needs of each individual company.

HandySoft software has 8 clients in Australia, but is bracing itself for much more business as companies turn more and more to compliance solutions such as this one to avoid big fines and prison sentences, in the case of the Sarbanes Oxley law.

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