Objective helps local govt. dept. fall into line

Objective helps local govt. dept. fall into line

The NSW Department of Local Government (DLG) will be streamlining its process of managing correspondence and improving its ability to meet state and national recordkeeping legislation with an Electronic Document and Records Management solution (EDRMS) from Objective Corporation.

The DLG provides a policy and legislative framework for the local government sector. It is responsible for setting policy direction for local government in NSW and for ensuring adherence to various local government Acts by local councils. This includes: monitoring the financial position of councils; conducting investigation of complaints and allegations about the conduct and activities of local councils, elected members and council staff; reviewing local government legislation and formulating legislative proposals; and developing policy for critical issues in local government management and promotingbest practice in local government. The DLG’s operations are extremely information-intensive.

The EDRMS will assist the DLG to meet the standards and guidelines to comply with the legislative requirements mandated by the State Records Authority. It will be used for general electronic document management across the enterprise, underpinning the department’s core business functions.

The use of document version control, automated approval and sign-off processes and managed document publishing to its variousaudiences, will assist the Department to manage key performance indicators for individuals, teams and business units, ultimately improving service delivery across the organisation.

The EDRMS will provide the department with a means of capturing and accessing documents in electronic format, providing users with improved access, yet tighter security of information.

Tony Walls, CEO Asia Pacific, Objective Corporation said: “While the DLG recognises that the EDRMS will assist it with meeting recordkeeping legislation, the primary purpose of seeking a solution was to improve its business practices and service delivery.

“This contract is indicative of a growing trend among government agencies where the key driver for implementing document and records management solutions is for better business outcomes, with compliance then occurring virtually as a by-product of sound information management processes.

“This practice is resulting in a greater number of enterprise-wide and multiple-enterprise solution implementations, rather than single business unit deployments,” concluded Walls.

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