Documentum teams up with Canon

Documentum teams up with Canon

Documentum has announced a new partnership with Canon Australia that means Canon will become a reseller for the whole suite of Documentum products.

Documentum's end-to-end ECM solution provides customers with automated document management, records management, web content management, digital asset management, and collaboration in a single, integrated content platform and repository.

Canon should now be able to expand its solution to its Documentum's largest clients, as well as those with specific compliance requirements.

Canon will combine its current suit of document management products, such as imageWARE and imageREAL, with Documentum ECM products to respond to a wide range of business needs in document management.

Graham Pullen, Documentum's managing director for Australia and New Zealand, believes that the reseller partnership with Canon Australia will help accommodate the strong demand for Documentum's ECM products: "We've seen a convergence in the market place over the last 3 or 4 years, where companies are understanding that having multiple repositories of content across their enterprises, organisations or agencies, ultimately contributes to far higher costs of ownership, and more complex problems when you try to actually associate, in context, that content, with all the other information in other areas. "So Documentum's strategy from the very beginning was to establish a unified repository. And of course that unified repository can be levered across a multitude of content management applications. "If you look at an organisation like Canon, you have intelligent devices put into organisations from everything from capturing that information from a scan, or taking very heavy images. So we were attracted towards teaming up with Canon because of their expertise."Documentum believe that they will provide Canon with new opportunities to provide document management solutions to key industries and market segments and Canon will help them to successfully deliver their new end-to-end, information lifecycle solutions that they are rolling out to enterprises.Related Article:

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