US Border Patrol choose ISYS Software for security

US Border Patrol choose ISYS Software for security

The US Department of Homeland Security's US Border Patrol Unit has chosen ISYS search software to retrieve vital information across their large documentation knowledge base.

The department will initially use a one-terabyte server to index three years of documentation from the public information office, as well as seven years of legal data.

This solution provides staff with an intuitive tool that makes it easier to quickly locate relevant information stored in disparate data sources and file types. It is expected that the software will create a higher level of efficiency and accuracy.

Steve Hiatt, information technology specialist for US Border Control Patrol explains why this is vitally necessary at this particular moment in time: "Now more than ever, the ability to easily manage and access information in an automated and reliable fashion is paramount.

"Our selection of ISYS was designed to instil this capability in our department and ensure that our employees have an efficient system for maintaining and instantly searching a massive amount of critical data."

In the future, the department is planning to use ISYS for a future paperless documentation system. This is currently in the early stages. This system will reside on a 25-terabyte server and will contain thousands of documents scanned and OCR'ed by the public information office.

ISYS will serve as the primary tool for enabling staff members to rapidly access information contained across this vast knowledge base. Ian Davies, founder and managing director of ISYS added: "Over the course of our 15-year history, we've built a solid reputation for successfully delivering advanced search solutions to government organisations all over the world.

"Nationally, our capabilities have been well established through hundreds of US government deployments, which include an enterprise-class install with the US Department of Agriculture and a 5000-person intranet solution for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We're confident in our ability to bring the same benefits to the Department of Homeland Security today and in the future."

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