Atos Origin – now with added sparkle

Atos Origin – now with added sparkle

Business and technology integrator Atos Origin Australia has formed a strategic partnership with business intelligence software and services provider Crystal Decisions.

Crystal Decisions was formerly know as Seagate Software, but changed to its current monicker in 2001 to reflect its presence in the business intelligence and reporting products markets.

The pair will use Crystal Decisions' enterprise reporting and analysis technology with Atos Origin's management consulting and ERP expertise to better enable enterprises to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and turn these into a tool for strategic decision making.

"Crystal Decisions is focused on building strong relationships with industry-leading companies which share our commitment to enabling better business decision-making and ultimately reducing costs and increasing productivity," said Chris Harvey, System Integrators Director, Crystal Decisions, Asia Pacific. "The alliance with Atos Origin seamlessly links our technology with their consulting expertise."

Key to the partnership is Atos Origin's capability to identify and interpret analytical trends in enterprise KPI performance, based on data collected from Crystal Decisions' SAP-based information solutions. Utilising Crystal Decisions' data capturing tools -including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Atos Origin says it can now provide SAP-based customers with overall business visibility.

"As the nature of conducting business becomes increasingly focused on clear visibility and accountability, business decision makers are becoming even more aware of scrutinising and managing performance levels across the business," said Phil Cook, Head of Consulting & Systems Integration, Atos Origin Australia. "Atos Origin's strong reputation for helping companies improve the way they manage their business complements the corporate intelligence that Crystal Decisions' reporting tools brings to the boardroom. Our partnership with the company will be an enormous asset for our SAP/ERP customers."

While the new partnership will initially concentrate on working with those SAP/ERP customers, both companies have a view to expanding the relationship further.

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