Same again for Unisys as it nets $4.8m outsourcing deal

Same again for Unisys as it nets $4.8m outsourcing deal

IT outsourcing service provider Unisys has survived an open tender process to be reappointed as outsource service provider by the Australian National Audit Office in a deal worth $4.8 million over the next four years.

Asked why Unisys was subjected to compete in a tender process, rather than be automatically awarded an extension, the Audit Office's Chief Information Officer, Peter Green said "the ANAO had not been to the market since 1997 and it was timely to reassess options in line with sound government procurement practice."

Green explained the rational behind the ANAO's decision to reappoint Unisys. "As a result of the tender process, five companies were short-listed from 19 responses. The Unisys proposal represented the best value for money and demonstrated several areas of superior performance and benefit. In particular, Unisys provides us with a team that is based both in-house and externally - giving us very efficient and flexible services and support. We also highly value the contractual requirement for Unisys to draw on its broad experience to keep the ANAO up to date with developments in information technology and maximise the use we get from our existing infrastructure."

Under the terms of the agreement, Unisys will provide the Audit Office with full infrastructure managed services and support, including help desk call management, desktop services, LAN infrastructure support and server support, essentially operating as the Audit Office's 'IT Department,' supporting around 300 users in Canberra and Sydney.

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