Site advertising hacker contest withdrawn

Site advertising hacker contest withdrawn

The Web site created by hackers to advertise the so-called Defacers Challenge, a contest to deface upwards of 6000 Web sites in six hours on Sunday, has been pulled from the Web by the site's hosting service.

Affinity Internet, which operated the site through its subsidiary Affinity Hosting, shut down the site late Wednesday for violating a service agreement, according to a US report.

The company said that privacy restrictions precluded them from naming the offending customer who set up the Web site.

It is, however, highly unlikely that the withdrawal of the site will have any impact, owing to the publicity the site has already generated.

A spokesperson for antivirus software developer Symantec said it was impossible to determine what impact this may have on Australian businesses before the event, but urged enterprises to take steps to reduce the likelihood of their Web site being attacked.

"To stay protected against the latest threats, Symantec Security Response strongly encourages enterprises to protect themselves by deploying multi-tier protection at the gateway, server and desktop.  Enterprises and consumers should incorporate integrated security that includes antivirus, firewall and intrusion detection."

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